2017 Human Capital Trends (Deloitte University)

Jochen Robes hat in seinem Weiterbildungsblog bereits auf diesen Bericht von Deloitte aufmerksam gemacht. Ich habe mir die Ressourcen auch noch mal angeschaut und folgende Stichworte zu zwei Themenbereichen mitgenommen.

  • Careers and learning: Real time, all the time
    "In the past, employees learned to gain skills for a career; now, the career itself is a journey of learning."
    "The ongoing commoditization of [learning] content can be highly disruptive to corporate L&D departments. They face a stark choice: harness this trend to their company’s benefit or risk watching their learning programs become obsolete. (...) At most companies, the learning management system (LMS) is among the oldest and most challenging to use. Today a new set of learning tools has entered the market, pioneered by vendors such as Degreed, Pathgather, EdCast, Grovo, and Axonify. These tools provide curated content, video and mobile learning solutions, micro-learning, and new ways to integrate and harness the exploding library of external MOOCs and video learning available on the Internet."
    L&D muss sich neu erfinden, so die Studie. Einige Stichworte sind: "Katalysatoren für neue Karriere-Modelle" und "Unterstützung von Interdisziplinarität und Vernetzung". L&D sollte eher in Richtung Organisationsentwicklung denken, schwierige organisationale Problemstellungen indentifizieren und dann zu deren Lösung beitragen:
    "Companies such as Nestlé, Dell, and Visa are following this path to build new corporate learning functions, using their corporate university as a cornerstone for collaboration, leadership development, and cross-functional innovation."
  • Digital HR (& Learning)
    "To drive continuous learning, IBM shut down its traditional global learning management system and replaced it with a new digital learning platform. The new system enables employees to publish any content they feel is important, curates and recommends training based on role and experience, and integrates external learning from across the Internet. To empower employees to take greater control of their career management, IBM developed a proprietary career management system that helps people find new jobs and recommends new assignments by looking at the patterns of their peers."






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